Pana DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization ideated by NeuralMetrics Inc and built by its development team. It aims to democratize insurance by leveraging blockchain platform and DeFi mechanics and introduce parametric coverage to both on-chain and off-chain participants.
Our main goal is to introduce Assurance NFT (ERC 1155), which will use bonding mechanics and accept premium in the form of stable coins, mainly USDC. This is mainly designed in such a way that, the premium paid in the Assurance NFT will act as triple point asset, guaranteeing the premium payment, providing multipliers when a parametric event happens and equivalent amount of Karsha(our Governance token)
Token Address: 0x369eB8197062093a20402935D3a707b4aE414E9D
Chain: Arbitrum
Launched : 15-August-2022