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The GIVfarm ( ) on ETH Mainnet includes the following 3 farming pools: 80GIV/20ETH farming for Balancer: Pool ID: 0x7819f1532c49388106f7762328c51ee70edd134c000200000000000000000109 Pool Address: 0x7819f1532c49388106f7762328c51ee70edd134c Balancer LM: 0xc0dbDcA66a0636236fAbe1B3C16B1bD4C84bB1E1 Single-sided GIV staking: GIV Token: 0x900db999074d9277c5da2a43f252d74366230da0 GIV LM contract: GIV/ETH farming for Uniswap v3: Pool Address: 0xc763b6b3d0f75167db95daa6a0a0d75dd467c4e1 Uniswap reward token: 0x3115e5aAa3D6f742d09fbB649150dfE285a9c2A3 contract name: UniswapV3RewardToken Incentive ID: 0x07421267a74d7dc99279300571a9eb5035c96b6807c1a2a8d5ff284d065c3d24 Key: { startTime: '1640361600', endTime: '1656086400', pool: '0xc763b6B3d0f75167db95Daa6a0A0d75Dd467C4E1', rewardToken: '0x3115e5aAa3D6f742d09fbB649150dfE285a9c2A3', refundee: '0x34d27210cC319EC5281bDc4DC2ad8FbcF4EAEAEB' } GIVStream: All rewards earned are subject to the GIVstream in which x% is claimable immediately, and the remaining amount streams over the remainder of the 5 year stream period beginning December 24th 2021 and streaming linearly until December 23rd 2026. Rewards are claimed from the TokenDistro contract, which keeps track of how much is claimable immediately and how much is being streamed:
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