Dotbit (.bit) is a new self-sovereign data container with key features including naming services and cross-chain functionality. Much like its competitors, Dotbit can be primarily used to transfer tokens with minimal complexity using a .bit username rather than a wallet address.
Dotbit’s cross-chain ability allows ownership from any & all blockchains (Currently ETH, Tron, BNB & Polygon). Dotbit accounts can be managed with the private key of ANY currently supported public chains & owners can also directly transfer ownership between two different public chains.
Upcoming features :
Sub-accounts ( Example -> 0x101.satoshi.bit )
More chains including BTC, Polkadot & Solana
As Web3 identities continue to grow in popularity, having multiple web3 alias platforms integrated into will only help usher in new users & allow for more personalization, security and ease of access.
We humbly request to begin with at least an ETH Chain implementation since it will more then likely be the easiest as other competitors have already been integrated on that chain for Zapper account name displaying. Since other naming services have already been integrated, Dotbit suggests adding the resolved alias(s) for the currently signed in wallet to the name selection drop down list.