Hey, I'm reaching out regarding a two proposed updates on tBTC :
1) Change current listing "tBTC" to "tBTC (Deprecated)" (contract 0x8dAEBADE922dF735c38C80C7eBD708Af50815fAa).
2) Change current "tBTCv2" listing to "tBTC" (contract 0x18084fbA666a33d37592fA2633fD49a74DD93a88) with attached Logo.
Why this update? tBTC v1 is the original version of tBTC that launched in September 2020 by Keep Network and has been winding down.
tBTC v2 launched recently. It's the successor of tBTC v1, which dramatically increases scalability through capital efficiency.
We want to minimize the chance for confusion for Zapper users.
Adding 'deprecated' to the tBTC v1 token listings, will reduce the chance of someone attempting to acquire tBTC v2 to acquire tBTC v1
Adding tBTC v2 as a new listing, with the correct logo, will increase the chance that someone that attempts to acquire tBTC v2 will select the correct asset.