Submission to List the Project PolyCub and its Yield Farms.
Token: PolyCub (POLYCUB)
Network: Polygon
Polycub Contract: 0x7cc15fef543f205bf21018f038f591c6bada941c
Coin Gecko URL:
PolyCUB is a yield optimizer platform that provides a safe and easy way for DeFi users to discover yield and earn on the Polygon Network.
The platform was built by the LeoFinance Project which has built nearly a dozen apps in the crypto space over the past 3 years and continues to build blockchain-based applications like,, and many more!
## Not Your Average Yield Optimizer:
PolyCUB is not your average Yield Optimizer platform.
Farmers earn autocompounding yield from platforms like Quickswap and Sushiswap. Those are autonomously added to their deposited balance and can be withdrawn at any time.
On top of this standard yield, farmers also earn POLYCUB tokens. When a farmer earns POLYCUB from staking LP tokens, they are locked for X blocks. Farmers can claim their POLYCUB harvests at any time, but if they claim it before the X blocks locking period, then 50% of their harvest is returned to the xPOLYCUB contract.
The farmer who claims their POLYCUB harvest early (before the X block staking period) receives 50% of their POLYCUB yield
The other 50% is returned to the xPOLYCUB staking contract and can be claimed by users who stake POLYCUB into xPOLYCUB.
This mechanism works similarly to platforms like Adamant Finance. If you want to dive into the details of xPOLYCUB staking, see the following guide:
## Set it and Forget it, Save on Fees and Maximize Your Yield
PolyCUB vaults automate the process of claiming base platform (i.e. QuickSwap/Sushiswap) yield and compound it into each user's base deposit position. This dramatically lowers gas costs, saves time from manual compounds and maximizes the potential yield you can earn. It was launched on March 5, 2022.
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Max Supply (maximum # of coins that will ever exist in the lifetime of the asset)
Token Supply API
Liquidity Pool (Farm) Contracts:
PolyCub-USDC: 0x5AeFd5C04ed6DBd856A5aeB691eFcc80c0aB7472
PolyCub-WETH: 0xc9ba162d07d762ad4c2a759cf806f8650b6c9a93
pLEO-WMATIC: 0xf8095ffd24f02bd8aedc96e5a3617310815cc4c7
Polycub - xPolyCub: 0x905e21f6c4cb1ad789ced61cd0734590a4542346